Selected Performances


STROKE tells the audience about the harsh realities of married life after a thrombosis. The performance illustrates the brain’s associations in free fall, and the love between two people that is pushed and tested to the utmost. It revolves around having to face a completely new life that deceitfully looks like the old one.

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In this comic book inspired power performance, Helene Kvint rises to tell all womankind to embrace the divine in them.  And use the power that comes with that divinity – regardless if it to save the world (or at least contribute to make it better), or being a better mother, coworker, partner or whatever else is expected of the modern woman.

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BLINDED BY WORDS is a dyslexic dramatic music lecture, that questions the way we understand dyslexia, using song and dance as tools to explore and explain the disability that affects 5-10% of the Danish population. The performance shows some of the issues that fill the world of a dyslexic, and lets all of us know once and for all, that dyslexics are indeed unintelligent; they merely see and understand the world differently than most of us.

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TURNED ON – A performance about being turned off

We are looking for eroticism that turns on our presence, curiosity and delight. Beauty that inspire us and self-irony that is contagious.

TÆNDT is an erotic storie that are compassionate, anarchist and poetic. A search of sensual pleasure, playfulness and beauty despite. To dissolve the immediate opposition to our own body, and instead awaken joy and curiosity to the one and only body we have. How can we get our pride, curiosity and joy back? Let us challenge the stereotypes about what beauty is.

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The Show Must go ON! – Dramatic stand-up about gallstones and #metoo

I framed my personal #metoo experience in the form of a tempestuous, funny and touching stand-up show. The sexist and unfair working conditions in the performing arts industry have left their mark on my body, until one day it dramatically says no. This is followed by a course of illness which means, despite numerous hospital admissions, that I completes the premiere and the entire period of the show I am in, but with a constant fear of passing out on stage! The performance is based on personal experience from the performing arts industry, but it is a story about situations that most people can recognise, regardless of which industry they work in. The work asks how, as an actor – and particularly as a woman – you can ignore illness and severe pain, because the show must go on!

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